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The Ultimate ONE SESSION Gastric Band Hypnosis is NOW available in Omagh  - with * Guarantee !

Alan Gilchrist Omagh's  Top Hypnotherapist

Since you are reading my web site you've probably decided it's time for you to  Lose Weight with Hypnosis or by the  Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnosis with a Hypnotherapist in Omagh. A lot or a little, it doesn't really matter.
What's important is your decision !

Your decision shows you want to become healthy and fit once again, and this is your way to do it!

The Fast Track Lose Weight Loss Hypnosis in Omagh with me Alan Gilchrist is accomplished by initially helping you to lose weight using Hypnosis in a healthy manner and then maintaining it, instead of  losing weight and then regaining it time and time again. Wouldn't it be fantastic having your weight issues no longer such an important part of your life? Have you lost count of the number of diets you've started, only to give up after a few weeks of constantly watching everything you eat?

Perhaps you have tried the traditional methods such as slimming organisations or pills, but found that you put the weight back on as soon as you returned to eating normally

Can you imagine how it would be to look in the mirror and to feel great with how you look.

With over 26 years experience and over 56,000 clients The Fast Track Lose weight with Hypnosis and Laser Therapy is an ideal way to boost your will power and maintain a diet and exercise regime until it becomes second nature, to eat healthily and to be more active.

If you want to be slim One session of  Fast Track Lose Weight Hypnosis at the Hypnosis Clinic held at the Silverbirch Hotel in Omagh on a Saturday could be the difference between being overweight, depressed and downright unhealthy, to being fit, alert, active and full of energy.

With the calming effect of hypnosis, suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind such as" high calorie foods will no longer have the same appeal to you and that you will enjoy low calorie foods. You will take a lot more interest in your own shape, fitness and vitality, etc.

I have never put a person on a specific diet because almost overweight person already knows every diet there is and have their own likes and dislikes. My job is to help you to listen once again to your own appetite control centre and use it to your advantage.

So why opt for one type of therapy to lose weight when you can now have two highly successful methods in a unique combination at no extra cost! Fast Track Hypnosis to Lose Weight Session + Laser Therapy  + professionally produced support CD + plus Guarantee!

Discounts available for group bookings ( all sessions are still individual )

If the problem is emotional...

Such as low self esteem, where the extra weight is just an excuse for you, then more than one session may be required. This would be to overcome the underlying problem and once this has been addressed the Lose Weight Hypnosis session is then used. 

It is impossible to be totally accurate as to how many sessions this would take due to the individuality of each person but normally 4 sessions would be all that is required (as opposed to conventional Hypnotherapy which could take between 8 - 15 sessions or more !). However it may not help if the weight gain is due to a medical condition  

CDs are also provided to reinforce your ongoing results. The effect that successful weight loss will have on your life will be amazing! You will  look and feel fitter and healthier. Your  self confidence and self esteem will grow allowing you to take control of your life,  as well as your weight once again.

Fees  £85.00 or €85.00 per session.

Each and every one of us has the ability to lose weight in any number of ways.True weight loss success is often a complex combination of both physical and mental challenges. Half the problem is addressed by the mind and the habitual / behavioural patterns that have caused you to gain weight in the first place. The other is how your body responds to different foods, caloric intake, fats, etc.

You owe it to yourself to be as fit and healthy as you possibly can !

 Review ...Lose weight Hypnosis Omagh with Alan Gilchrist

"Almost 3 years ago I needed help to focus on getting weight off. Alan Gilchrist helped me achieve this. 
I lost  6 Stone ( 38 Kilos ) in approx 4 - 5 months after my session and listening to his CD. This help , has enabled me to achieve other goals in life as well. I continue to use the CD at times to maintain my weight loss....Bob......."

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For your LOSE WEIGHT HYPNOSIS OMAGH appointment, Brochure, or FREE of charge initial consultation  Alan Gilchrist Hypnosis: 02890 333303 or FREE PHONE 0800 7311187

Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre  37 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7AA

* GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event of a client experiencing any difficulties within one month of the Fast Track lose weight Hypnosis or the Gastric Band Hypnosis session, and they require a booster session, this second session is
completely FREE of charge.

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My sister and my daughter have lost 2 œ stone ( 15.8 kilos ) between them in two weeks .
I have lost 5 lbs (2.3kls ). Mine will take longer because I am disabled and cant really exercise.
We have no urge to eat sweet stuff and do not feel as hungry.
We are not fit to eat big meals any more.
Thank you Alan.......... Geraldine”

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